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Welcome Home Furry Friends !

Hi Everyone.

Welcome to our brand spankin' new website and the flagship post of the official Posh Pooch Inc. Blog. We're all so happy you've taken the time to join us here, and we hope to provide you with some fun, informative, and occasionally thought-provoking reading material. If at any time on here you notice a bunch of misspelled words and an unusual aversion to vacuum cleaners, know that the dogs have finally enacted their coup and do not respond to any requests to become an organ donor.

With this blog we're going to be keeping everyone updated on the goings on around the shop, giving some insight into both established and emerging trends in the pet industry, and delving into broader animal related topics that are worth talking about, (and we think most of them are.) If you pay attention, though, you might just find a new recipe for parsnip mash, vacation pictures, an album review, and whatever else we feel like sharing. Because to paraphrase Mrs. George, we're not like a regular blog, we're a cool blog.

But before we swim too far toward the deep end, we think this is a great opportunity to tell our origin story, our issue #1 if you will, to introduce our new readers to who we are and what we're about, and maybe give our old friends a refresher course at the same time.

Melesssa and Dale Austin opened the big, glass doors of Posh Pooch Inc. in the Fall of 2012, they did so with a few goals in mind, and the whole team still holds true to those goals today. Our first concern is always the welfare and happiness of the animals we care for. We take extreme pride in our ability to accommodate the needs of just about every dog or cat that comes to us, especially those with special needs that sometimes could use a helping paw.

The shop was built from the ground up to be a slight departure from the typical layout of most other grooming salons. Our back of house is specially built to separate the stages of the grooming process into three different spaces, enabling us to keep noise and commotion at a minimum, and thus reduce the stress of all canines, felines, and humans alike. For those that like to brave the wet and wild world of dog bathing, (and risk the silent treatment from their pup), we have two self-wash bathtubs in our shop as well. All you need is a dirty pooch and a can-do attitude, we provide everything else.

Being eco-conscious flower children, we have low-flow water fixtures, energy efficient appliances and LED lighting, have used reclaimed wood in our retail area, and utilize plant-based paints and sealants.

In the front of our shop, we carry a wide range of holistic-focused and nutritionally awesome food, treats and supplements, as well as collars, leashes, pet beds, and plenty of other fun stuff. What sets us apart is our commitment to exclusively carry products that are both U.S.A. manufactured and sourced, with a few exceptions where we can find higher quality elsewhere. In addition, all of the products we use and sell are brought in with the Earth in mind: plant-based, eco-friendly, and sustainable is our golden triangle. We love finding other local, small business

and supporting them in the ways that we are able, just as our community here supports us so graciously.

At Posh Pooch Inc., your pet is our pet. I mean, not literally, we would run ourselves ragged from belly scratches alone, but we treat your pet like we would like our own pets treated, with overwhelming love and an eye for detail. We believe that grooming and nutrition are two major pillars of overall health, and we are so grateful and happy to provide your pets with all we can to keep those pillars strong.

Well, folks, I guess this is officially a blog. Keep your ear to the ground and your snout to the air, there's some fun stuff coming your way. We hope to see you soon.


The Posh Pooch Team

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