A letter from the new owner

Dear Posh Parents,

My name is Anna Yao, I am happy to announce that my family and I are the proud new owners of Posh Pooch.

I am writing here to make a formal introduction and would like to sincerely thank everyone for their continued support and patience while my team and I transition into this next chapter. I have only worked at Posh Pooch for two weeks so far and have already met countless supportive customers and that really means a lot to me coming from a different background.

Just to briefly introduce myself, I mainly worked in the finance industry before getting my MBA. I specialize in Financial Analysis and Valuation as well as Quantitative Analysis and Operational Management. Aside from Posh Pooch, I also own a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit, and my family has 20+ years of experience running small businesses.

My family owns one dog (Toffee) and one cat (Smokey). We love animals and that is why we will always dedicate a 25% discount for all NPO Rescue Partners.

We understand there was a price increase right before the new ownership took place and we want to thank you for sticking with us. However, ever since our family took over the business, we discovered that the current services menu is more complicated than it needs to be–some people are being quoted different prices for the same service, etc. As pet owners, we understand how important it is to have a fully transparent service list and prices.

We immediately started working with our team and re-designed the menu. We have decided to re-group our services with no intention of charging more, but rather designing packages that have comprehensive treatments and transparent pricing. You will know exactly what you get and how much your service is before your service!

Some package prices might seem higher because we have included more services while other packages are cheaper than what you used to pay because we re-calculated our costs and discovered that you deserve a lower price!

Posh Pooch aims to provide the highest standard of grooming services. Each of our grooming team is limited on the number of pets serviced per day so they can pay extra attention to your fur-child! 

Learn about our new packages HERE. We are also rolling out new specials! Learn about our new specials HERE.

Our new packages are effective on Oct 1, 2022.

We dedicate the month of October 2022 as The Posh Appreciation Month. All existing customers get 25% off while all new customers get 20% off all services. We seriously couldn’t have gotten here without your support. Thanks for trusting us to be the provider of your paw-some pets!

At the same time, we are proud to announce that Online Booking is LIVE! We are now taking appointments for January 2023! Please secure your spot before they fill up HERE!  We have also expanded our grooming team so we do have a few spots available for the rest of 2022, just give us a call and we'll fit you in!

In the future, all last minute availability will be sent out in real-time on our Instagram & Facebook story. Or you can join our Waitlist to be the first one notified for last minute openings!

The Posh Pooch Team

Meet The Team

About Us

Mission Statement

Posh Pooch is in the business of providing owners with happy, attractive, and healthier pets through the benefits of regular professional pet grooming and specialty retail in the Huntington Beach and surrounding areas. Posh Pooch’s vision is to establish industry leading customer service through extensive product and grooming education for its staff and on to the consumer with an emphasis on “total pet health”. The main objective at Posh Pooch is to provide a safe and loving environment while also providing exceptional and specialty groom cuts for even the most “posh” pet. Posh Pooch employees provide one-on-one consultations and education on the best foods, products, and overall care for each specific breed and individual pets needs. Posh Pooch prides itself on offering 100% of its products and services being U.S.A. made and sourced, stimulating our own local economy and community. Posh Pooch is an eco-friendly business operation; having the entire build-out of the facility being green from the plant based paints and sealants, the LED lighting, energy star appliances and low-flow fixtures, to the entire retail section being outfitted with reclaimed barnwood furnishings. All our products are also individually selected based on their component of eco-friendly design, packaging, and construction in order to further conserve our natural resources and protect our environment.