Comprehensive Packages & Transparent Pricings

We understand it is important for the Posh parents to know how their furry children spent the day.

So we designed our service menu to be fully transparent and comprehensive (yes teeth brushing and paw/nose balms are included in all packages!). You will get a personalized Posh Report Card after each service that highlights their current conditions and maintenance tips from our grooming professionals.

Having a Bath

The Basic Bath & Brush

  • Choice of signature almond shampoo or hypoallergic

  • Conditioning & spa treatment

  • Blueberry facial

  • Ear cleaning

  • Anal glands expression

  • Teeth brushing and take-home toothbrush

  • Nose/paw balm

  • Hand blow-dry

  • Nail grinding

  • 15 min. brush-out

Full Grooming

The Posh Bath & Trim

  • Everything from the Basic Bath & Brush PLUS

  • Face, feet, and tail trim (may substitute face for feathers)

  • Styling with bows or seasonal bandana

  • Hair mist

Dog Spa

The Posh Groom & Style

  • Everything from The Basic Bath & Brush PLUS

  • Face, feet, and tail trim (may substitute face for feathers)

  • Perimeter trims

  • Full haircut

  • Styling with bows or seasonal bandana

  • Breed specific styling

  • Hair mist


Self Wash Service

Self-Wash service available includes:

  • Shampoo and conditioning using all natural products.

  • Ear cleaning and eye-wipe supplies.

  • Brushes and combs available for de-matting.

  • Towels for pet and owner.

  • Full size pet dryer.

  • Nail trim tools available or staff can perform.

  • Bows and cologne as desired.

  • Aprons available for owner.

  • Full clean up provided by staff when service is complete.

Dental by Qualified Pet Dental

  • Complete all-surface cleaning, including below the gumline.

  • Detailed oral exam with dental charting.

  • No Anesthesia. No blood work. No recovery time is necessary.

  • Preliminary vet assessment (wellness exam and temperament screen).

  • By appointment only.

      Call 562.592.7300 or Click/Scan below          for more info.

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