Full-service Grooming

Posh Pooch Inc. Bath-Only services include:

  • Nail clipping and filing.

  • Eyes, feet, and private areas trimmed.

  • Ear cleaning and inspection.

  • Brush, comb, and de-matting as necessary.

  • Shampoo and conditioning using all natural products.

  • Anal gland expression (or “expelled”).

  • Hand-fluff dry & “cool-air” cage finish drying.

  • Bows and cologne as desired.

  • Pet Groomer’s Report and Health Alert Form.

  • Grooming report card and suggested coat maintenance tips.

Full-Groom includes all the Bath-Only services plus:

  • Full body hair cuts.

  • Breed specific styling.

  • Full brush out or braiding as specific breeds require.

All Bath-Only and Full-Groom packages include:

  • Aromatherapy in sound isolation/drying room to calm and stress-relieve pet anxiety.

Having a Bath

Self-wash Services

Self-Wash service available includes:

  • Shampoo and conditioning using all natural products.

  • Ear cleaning and eye-wipe supplies.

  • Brushes and combs available for de-matting.

  • Towels for pet and owner.

  • Full size pet dryer.

  • Nail trim tools available or staff can perform.

  • Bows and cologne as desired.

  • Aprons available for owner.

  • Full clean up provided by staff when service is complete.