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We have a request for you, listen to the song "Finally Moving" by Pretty Lights. I know it may not resonate with all of you, or even make a ripple on your surface, but it would mean a lot to us here at the shop. No, it doesn't necessarily reflect our vibe, but the name is very indicative of what's happening, (and I really like the actual song, for what it's worth,). Meaning...

We're moving!

It feels so very good to say that. Well, it feels super bittersweet, actually, since it wasn't our choice to leave. Here's the deal. We would have loved to stay, but as many of you all know our rent has been raised to the point of it being unsustainable for us to keep doing business in Peter's Landing. We're pretty bummed that we're leaving just as the egrets are coming back to roost in that tree between us and Starbucks, but so it goes, (note: do not park under that tree between us and Starbucks for the next few months.)

First, the important info. Posh Pooch Inc. is currently closed while we get everything shaken out between closing the old shop and opening the new. We should be open in just a couple of days, hopefully by Wednesday, June 6th. Our new address is 350 Main Street Suite C, Seal Beach CA, 90740. It's the brand new building on the corner of Main and PCH, and even though the building's address is Main, we're the on the ground floor of the wing facing PCH. Our phone number is the same, (562) 592-7300, and our staff is still a bit lactose-intolerant.

Our new home isn't as spacious as our old one, but there is still plenty of room for us to keep out of each other's hair and keep your dog's hair out of their eyes. We will still be a full-service groom shop, have a robust retail section, and room for a self-wash tub as well. Unfortunately we can't take both of the self-wash tubs with us, so there may be more of a wait for that amenity then we're all used to. Luckily, Main Street has a ton of rad shops and restaurants to kill time in, including 7th Coffee in the corner of our lobby, (try the lavender latte, trust us.) There are also so many breakfast burrito options in a two mile radius that it's probably a zoning oversight. We're worried for our general bodily well-being.

The way I look at it is that our shop in Sunset was akin to living in the suburbs: there was a lot of space to stretch our legs, it was half-hidden in a sleepy corner with a lovely view, nothing too crazy ever happened besides when someone wrecked their car on PCH. Our new place is like leaving that behind to try to hack it in the big city: we may not have as much room but we've got a new spark, there are a thousand opportunities ahead of us, we're leaving a lot behind but only because we see a bigger ship on the horizon. We're going to be a part of the scene now, not tucked away in our corner of the world but right smack in the middle of everything happening on literal Main Street, (again, Nick's/El Burrito Jr. for burritos or 7th/Crema/Bogart's for coffee and pastries.) Our new shared lobby is dog-friendly, so feel free to hang out there with your pup and laptop, just don't forget us little people when you sell that blockbuster screenplay you've been working on.

Sunset was comfortable, Seal is exciting.

Believe me, that's not to say it's easy to leave our shop. It's been one of those situations that none of us are allowing ourselves to fully think about, because there would be a high probability of ugly crying if we did. Melesssa and Dale built Posh 1.0 out of a bare bones couple of retail spaces, and it took a lot of hard work and true love to both get it and keep it running. There have been countless memories made in those walls, and though we'll take those memories with us and make even more in Seal Beach, it's tough to tear away from this place that has been like a second home to us. But life is change, ideally change that begets progress. We're confident that this is a great change, no matter how difficult it's been to accept. We know that we wouldn't be where we are without all of you, without your endless love and loyalty. There's no doubt that we'll be able to hit the ground running in our new home, and again, that it's possible because of your many hands lifting us along the way.

We love you all. See you on the other side.

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